Harrisburg Reduces Rate

Issue 12 and Volume 59.

Harrisburg Reduces Rate An interesting report is made of a further reduction of rates in Harrisburg, Pa., as announced by Council Commissioner Bowman. The report of the water department for the year 1915 shows the gross earnings for the year to be $176,671.97. After all the operating expenses, sinking fund and interest apportionments, amounting to $113,362.77, had been paid, the net balance was $63,309.20. In 1914 the net earnings totaled $80,915.93, a difference, Mr. Bowman points out, attributable to the fact that a dollar reduction in domestic rates had been made and that the collections were for a 9-month instead of a 12-month year. The commissioner also calls attention to the fact that during the latter part of December, 1915, Council authorized the liquidation of the 1903 water bonds, amounting to $30,000, from the year’s earnings. In September, 1915, $60,000 was invested from the cash on hand and turned in…

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