The Methuen Water Supply

Issue 12 and Volume 59.

The Methuen Water Supply The need for Methuen, Mass., to take immediate action in regard to the water supply and storage capacity, which will be sufficient to afford adequate protection in case of accident or emergency, has been pointed out to the residents of Methuen by John Franklin, civil engineer, of Lawrence, Mass., who has made a study of the Methuen water supply. Mr. Franklin states that when the present system was installed the town was about otiethird its present size. The average daily consumption at that time was estimated at about 240,000 gallons. For 1915 the average daily consumption was 1,398,000 gallons, and the maximum consumption for seven consecutive days in the same year was 6,010,000 gallons, or an average of 858,570 a day. This maximum consumption was not due to any serious fire in the town, and is a normal consumption of water. The time is not far…

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