Issue 12 and Volume 59.

FILTRATION Samples of the city water of St. Joseph, Mich., were recently sent by the local health department to the state laboratory for analysis. The water, according to the analysts’ report, is good and entirely safe for drinking purposes. The latest test of the drinking water supply of Johnson City, N. Y., shows it to be perfectly healthful. Despite frequent rains which have caused high water in Choconut Creek, the source of supply, the water has not become affected. Recent tests of the water used by residents of Dover, N. J., having shown an absence of bacteria in the untreated water, permission has been asked of the State Board of Health to discontinue the use of hypochloride during the winter months hereafter. Analysis has been made of the water from the deep well being drilled at Hope, Ark. W. F. Manglesdorff, chemist of Little Rock, says the water contains many…

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