Louisville Water Report

Issue 12 and Volume 59.

Louisville Water Report In the annual report for 1915 of W. O. Head, president of the Louisville (Ky.) Water Company to the Board of Water Works, a new river station to cost approximately $535,000 and other improvements are included in the estimates of $647,000 for improvements for this year. The report says in part as follows: During the year 6.7 miles of pipe mains have been laid and 37.1 miles of pipe mains have been cleaned. In addition to this work the Crescent Hill reservoir, north and south basins, have been cleaned, removing 31,617 cubic yards of mud, at a cost of $3,361.05, thus increasing the storage capacity of these reservoirs. The estimated cost was $6,000. There has been expended on the new 48-inch pump main from the river to Crescent Hill reservoir the sum of $96,523.26. The construction of this main is intended to increase the efficiency of the…

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