Issue 12 and Volume 59.

FIRE REPORT OF VANCOUVER The Vancouver, B. C., Canada, fire department comprises a total membership of 171, as follows: One chief, one assistant chief, one secretary, one automobile expert, one head engineer, one fire warden, one carpenter, one blacksimth, one machinist, one assistant machinist, 17 captains, 15 lieutenants, six engineers, six chemical engineers, 36 drivers, three tillermen, 78 hosemen, truckmen, stokers, etc. The chief is J. H. Carlisle and the assistant chief is C. W. Thompson. In the annual report of the department, for the year 1915, it is stated that the fire loss for the year was slightly lower than it had been for the three preceding years and this, although the department responded to 30 more alarms than in any previous year; also that a reduction of some.33 members was made in the department during 1915; this reduction being made at the request of Special Finance Committee of…

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