Rates at North Adams

Issue 12 and Volume 59.

Rates at North Adams Reports from the North Adams, Mass., department state that a pitometer test which was recently made disclosed the fact that the average daily consumption during the period of the test was approximately 3,011,395 gallons per 24 hours. Using this figure as a basis, the annual consumption is approximately 1,099,160,000 gallons. The receipts from water rents during the year 1915 amounted to $61,845. This gives an overall rate of 5.63 cents per thousand gallons. During the period mentioned the total meter consumption was approximately 127,954,000 gallons, and the calculated receipts from this source amounted to approimately $14,000. This figure gives an average meter rate of approximately eleven cents per thousand gallons. Subtracting the total meter consumption from the total estimated consumption shows that the total quantity of water actually consumed by flat rate consumers utilized for city purposes and lost through leaky mains and fixtures amounted to…

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