Lowell Water Improvement Plans

Issue 12 and Volume 59.

Lowell Water Improvement Plans In order to assist the Lowell, Mass., water department to make some needed improvements, a proposition to eliminate a 10 per cent, discount from water rates will be advanced to the municipal council. At present the minimum water rate of the city of Lowell is $7 for 5,000 cubic feet, with a 10 per cent, reduction if the water bills are paid within thirty days. There is also a city ordinance which allows the water department to cut off service in case a man does not pay his bill in thirty days. The proposition discussed will be to eliminate the 10 per cent, discount altogether, and to make a flat rate of $7, and in case the bills are not paid within thirty days, to cut off the water supply. About 50 per cent, of the water takers of Lowell are minimum rate takers, that is,…

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