The Ilion Water Department

Issue 12 and Volume 59.

The Ilion Water Department The annual report of the Ilion, N. Y., Board of Water Commissioners, filed with the village board, gives the following data: Total water rents, $25,701.67; interest from sinking fund bonds, $135; plumbers’ penalties, $40; total income, $25,876.67. Disbursements: Taxes, $627.52; meter repairs, $55.49; maintenance, supply system, $2,722.09; office and clerical and legal, $1,970.37; total disbursements, $5,825.85; net income, $20,050.82. This net income has been expended as follows: Payment of bonds, $3,000; payment of interest and outstanding bonds, $5,581.38; extension of system in villages, mains, taps and meters, $8,290.62; deficit on pumping, 1914, $2,551.49; balance of income on hand, $627.33; total, $20,050.82. The number of new service taps during the year was 160, of which 148 were for new houses. New mains laid amounted to 6,937 feet. Two new hydrants and 27 new valves were set in the village; statement of value of plant, money expended from…

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