La Fayette Fire Department Report

Issue 14 and Volume 59.

La Fayette Fire Department Report Photo courtesy of Lyons “Republican.” The annual report of Chief C. M. Johnston, of La Fayette, Ind., shows the fire department expenditures for the year ending December 31, 1915, were $35,787.34, and the appropriations amounted to $35,793.00. The total fire loss for the year was only $14,260.78. of which $10,208.58 was on buildings and $4,052.20 was on contents. The total of alarms received was 178. The total fires were 151, and total false alarms were 27. Alarms were received as follow’s: By box, 31; by telephone 147. The total of alarms was a decrease over the previous year of 32 alarms. The feet of hose laid amounted to 44,150. The feet of ladders used w’as 2,352, and 627 gallons of chemicals were used. The hours of service were 435, and the miles run, 566. The valuation of the buildings in which fires occurred w’as $428,525.00.…

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