Grain Elevator Burns at Peoria

Issue 14 and Volume 59.

Grain Elevator Burns at Peoria The Iowa Elevator, at Peoria, Ill., containing about 800,000 bushels of corn and 3,000,000 bushels of oats, was partly destroyed by a fire which lasted five hours. The fire originated on the top floor and was caused by a dust explosion which blew off the roof. The damaged building was 125 feet high, occupied a space of 150 by 300 feet, and was built about 17 years ago of wood and mantled with iron. The fire gained rapid headw’ay and the flames had already spread to all parts of the building when Chief T. R. Worm arrived. Chief Worm, by efficient handling of his men and apparatus, managed to save a part of the building and its contents, and to prevent the further spread of the fire. Seventy-five firemen responded to the alarm and had in service one steamer, one Robinson motor pumping engine, one…

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