Chief James Kenney Loses Life in Performance of Duty

Issue 15 and Volume 59.

Chief James Kenney Loses Life in Performance of Duty Chief James Kenney, of Berkeley, Cal., lost his life while in the performance of duty, on March 23. Chief Kenney, leading his men, dashed into the suffocating smoke when fire occurred in the basement of the warehouse of the El Dorado Oil Company. Cocoanut meal buromg caused the dense smoke which overcame the chief. His cousin,’ Captain Stephen Kenney, of Engine Company No. 2, found the unconscious chief and he was carried out and placed in an ambulance and rushed to a hospital. He died in a short while. The fire, which did $20,000 damage was confined to the basement. Chief Kenney, who was a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, was appointed chief of the Berkeley Volunteer Fire Department in 1891, and was chosen head of the present paid department in 1900. He was 45 years old. A…

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