Seagrave Test at Houston

Issue 15 and Volume 59.

Seagrave Test at Houston Successful tests have been made of the new Seagrave motor pumping engine recently delivered to the city officials of Houston, Tex. During capacity and pressure tests, the pump delivered 825 gallons per minute at 129 pounds pump pressure. The guaranteed capacity was 750 gallons at 120 pounds pressure. The vacuum test was pronounced excellent by those who witnessed the demonstration. The pumper was given an endurance test at the lake in the city park and ran continuously for more than an hour. Chief Seibert and city officials have expressed themselves as well satisfied with the now engine. It will go into service at No. 8 fire station. S. Cramer, demonstrator for the company, will “break in” the driver of the new apparatus. On Sunday, March 20, the pumper had her first good actual fire test, when she ran continuously for more than six hours, pumping through…

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