Issue 15 and Volume 59.

FILTRATION The New York Continental Jewel Filtration Company is pushing ahead on its contract for the Kenosha, Wis., plant. It is likely the six units of the Alliance, O., filter plant will be increased to ten as advised by Service Director McConnell. A filtration system to cost $30,000 has been decided by the voters of Perry, N. Y. The president of the board of town trustees is Walter Prescott. A local paper of Billings, Mont., says five of the six filter units are complete and that the Pittsburg Filter Manufacturing Company expects to complete the plant in a short time. Covington, Ky., has plans for a filtration plant but owing to lack of funds construction may be deferred for some time. G. Hornung is designer of the plans which call for an expenditure of $30,000. At Geneva, N. Y., the report of the State Board of Health says the sample…

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