The Naugatuck Water Company

Issue 16 and Volume 59.

The Naugatuck Water Company General Manager E. C. Barnum, of the Naugatuck, (Conn.), Water Company, in his twenty-sixth annual report, being for the year 1915, says considerable work was done around the new reservoir, grubbing out the new spillway and clearing out the brook, clear down to the distributing reservoir. Also the mud and other things that had drifted down into this dam were cleared out. The company did not have to use the water from this new reservoir but a short time this last summer, as it managed to keep up the supply from our other reservoirs, and in the late fall they commenced to draw out the water from the new dam, opening the waste gate in the distributing reservoir and letting the water run right through. In doing this they drew out all the water that was stored up in the new reservoir so as to fill…

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