Issue 16 and Volume 59.

WICHITA WATER COMPANY RATES STAND. Ordinances passed by the Wichita, Kans., City Commission, reducing water rates are held to be void in a decision rendered by Judge John C. Pollock of the Federal Court. He holds that the city has no power to change the rates until the termination of the contract between it and the water company. A temporary injunction was granted the water company, restraining the city from enforcing the reduced rates. Commissioner Jerry Howard last summer prepared five ordinances reducing rates to consumers of water. At his request the commission passed the measures. David Smyth, attorney for the Wichita Water company, filed application for a restraining order in the Federal court. He contended that the city could not violate the contract existing between it and the company which fixed rates and that the reduced rates were confiscatory. He also contended that the contract could not be violated…

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