Issue 16 and Volume 59.

AMONG THE MANUFACTURERS Dixon Graphite Paint and Lubricants. The ilustration herewith shows a steel water flume about a mile in length, which has been in service for ten years, but which has not displayed any signs of deterioration. It was protected by Dixon’s Silica Graphite Paint. The Joseph Dixon Crucible Company of Jersey City, manufacturers of this graphite paint, have issued a little booklet entitled “Waterproof Graphite Grease.” This little booklet explains fully in a concise and clear way how many difficult lubrication problems have been overcome. It also deals with the care and upkeep of heavy slow-moving machinery, and parts that are exposed to unusual wear. Some of the subjects treated are “Lubrication of Elevator Plungers,” “Pin Gearing,” “Dredging Machinery,” “Rolling Mill Lubrication,” “The Lubrication of Sugar Rolls, Pulp and Paper Machinery.” Empire Hatch Boxes. Probably one of the most distinct advances in the construction of water main systems…

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