Issue 18 and Volume 59.

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Honolulu Fire Service. (Illustrated) 275 Watershed Forestation. (Illustrated) 267 The Northampton Water Department 282 The Dublin Fire Brigade Report 280 How to Become a Successful Salesman. By C. Louis Allen 283 New York Fire Department Annual Report 278 Meterage Effects Large Saving in Dallas 281 Standard Hose Couplings 281 The Allentown Fire Department 273 Wind Spreads Flames at Pottsville. (Illustrated) 274 Report of the Watertown Fire Department 274 Brockton Water Report 277 Death of Chief J. G. Ausman, of Fort Scott 280 Chief Byion, of Troy, Celebrates Anniversary 280 Chief French, of Daytona, Makes Recommendations 273 Cotton Destroyed at McKinney 273 The Key West Fire Department. (Illustrated) 275 Water Rates in La Fayette 277 New York Firemen Thank Commissioner Adamson for Extension Course 280 Theatre Destroyed at Hattiesburg. (Illustrated) 283

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