Issue 18 and Volume 59.

WATER BUSINESS SPECIALS Normal, Ill.—Plans have been completed for the rebuilding of the water works system. Crystal Springs, Miss.—Town is to borrow $1,500 for water works improvements. McCammon, Ida.—Village has voted to install a water works system, at a cost of $22,600. Franklin, Pa.—Several wells may be drilled here. Whittier, Cal.—Citizens have voted against bond issue for water works improvements. Fairmount, N. D.—Town plans installation of water works. Dodson, Mont.—Hearing will be held on May 1 regarding installation of water system, to cost about $35,000. VV. G. Schneider is County Clerk. Mohall, N. D.—Installation of water works i* planned. Kalamazoo, Mich.—Council has been peti* turned to lay new 4-inch mains. Philadelphia, Mist.—City plans to install water works. Dustin, Okla.—Bond issue of $8,000 has been voted for water works improvements. Wheeling, W. Va.—Citizens will shortly vote on $300,000 bond issue for filtration system. Benson, Minn.—Superintendent Lee has directed that plans for…

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