The Permutit Water Softening Filter

Issue 18 and Volume 59.

The Permutit Water Softening Filter The Permutit Company has just issued a new descriptive booklet dealing with the “Permutit” process of water rectification and general sanitation. The “Permutit” filter is designed to produce water of zero hardness and it has been installed in and is in successful use in residences, hotels and industrial establishments throughout the country. The booklet, which is copyrighted, is illustrated with views of the “Permutit” water softening filter and of business places and residences in which it has been installed. Some of the places mentioned in which the “Permutit” filter has been installed are; The Pilgrim Laundry, Brooklyn, N. Y.; The Hotel Staller, Detroit, Mich.; Hotel Biltmore, New York City; New Method Laundry, Los Angeles, Cal.; Berkshire Knitting Mills, Reading, Pa.; Minneapolis Athletic Club, Minneapolis, Minn.; R. A. Weber Silk Dyeing Company, College Point, N. Y. ; Philadelphia Dye Works, Philadelphia, Pa. Relative to the “Permutit”…

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