Issue 18 and Volume 59.

THE HONOLULU FIRE SERVICE According to records compiled in the office of Chief Charles H. Thurston of the Honolulu, T. H., the fire losses in 1915 in that city amounted to $81,938.38. While the loss was greater than in the year 1914, the number of alarms turned in was fewer by nine, being 122 in 1914 and 113 in 1915, and Chief Thurston accounts for the heavier loss last year by two costly fires, one in the Schumann garage, which damaged automobile tires, and that of the Grossman residence in Nuuanu, which was not reported until the house was nearly destroyed. There were 19 false alarms last year. Causes of fires were as follows: F’ireworks, 5; unknown, 17; incendiary, 2; electric currents, 13; boiling tar, 2; kerosene stoves, 4; sparks from stovepipes, 4; ashes, 1; children playing with matches, 3; tobacco smokmg, 10; automobi’es, 6; matches. 1; gasoline engine, 1;…

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