Wind Spreads Flames at Pottsville Fire

Issue 18 and Volume 59.

Wind Spreads Flames at Pottsville Fire A wind blowing at the rate of forty miles an hour threatened the business section of Pottsville, Pa., a short time ago when Centennial Hall caught fire. Hunting pieces of wood carried through the air by the wind, set fire to two houses eight blocks away. Chief James A. Lynaugh by good judgment succeeded in checking the spread of the flames. The building was built about forty years ago, of stone and brick, and contained wooden partitions on the first floor. It was four stories in height, and occupied a space of 66 by 90 feet on the site of the old town hall, which fire destroyed forty years ago. The damaged property was valued at $40,000, and the contents of the clothing stores, restaurant, peanut store and moving picture theatre situated therein was valued about $35,000. The loss was total. Citizens were greatly…

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