Issue 18 and Volume 59.

THE DUBLIN FIRE BRIGADE REPORT The annual report of Chief Thomas P. Purcell, of the Dublin, Ireland, Fire Brigade Department, being the department’s fifty-third annual report and covering the year ending December 31, 1015, states the brigade received 221 calls to fires or supposed fires, a decrease of 30 calls and three fires, as compared with the previous year. Of these calls 181 were fires in the city, 13 were to fires or other special work outside the city, 38 were to chimney fires, two houses which had fallen, 9 false alarms, of which all but three were maliciously given. Seven city fires, having caused losses of over 500 pounds in each case, are classed as serious; 22 resulted in medium losses varying between £50 and £500, and 130 where damage was slight and loss in every case under £50. Only for a serious loss incurred in the Northumberland Works,…

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