Dense Smoke Hinders Firemen at Toronto Blaze

Issue 20 and Volume 59.

Dense Smoke Hinders Firemen at Toronto Blaze Owing to the denseness of the smoke, Chief W. Smith had considerable difficulty in extinguishing the flames at a fire which damaged the four-story building occupied by Brown and Stainton. stationers, at Toronto, Ont., recently. The fire originated in the basement from an unknown cause and burned for only 1 1/2 hours. During the fire the first floor gave way, causing slight injuries to one fireman. The damaged structure was built of brick about 50 years ago and occupied a space of 30 by 120 feet. The building was valued at approximately $30,000 and its contents of stationery, oriental carpets, etc., at $70,000. The loss on the building amounted to $7,000, while that on the contents, $40,000. The system of water supply there is direct pumping. A 12-inch main was located near the fire. Fourteen 6-inch hydrants, located about 150 feet apart, were…

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