Issue 20 and Volume 59.

THE NEW PUMPING STATION AT YOUNGSTOWN OPENED The new pumping station of the Youngstown, Ohio, water works system has been opened, May 10 and 11 being designated as opening days. The Youngstown City Water Works was established by an ordinance passed in City Council, May 23rd, 1871. In 1872 a pumping station was erected on the north bank of the Mahoning River just west of what was then known as Stull Street, now known as North West Avenue. The equipment at that time consisted of the following: One Holly gang pump of one million gallons capacity per twenty-four hours. Two Holly rotary fire pumps, one of two million gallons capacity and one of three million gallons capacity per twentyfour hours. One Holly vertical boiler to generate steam for rotary pumps. Two return tubular boilers for generating steam for gang pump. The distributing system equipment consisted of about seven miles of…

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