Issue 20 and Volume 59.

NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION At the twentieth annual meeting of the National Fire Protection Association, which was held in Chicago, Ill., on May 9-11, the Committee on Hydrants and Valves, consisting of H. O. Lacount, Chairman, R. Blauvelt, George W. Booth, P. E. Brown, J. E. Curtis, L. H. Kunhardt, C. N. Rambo, C. L. Scofield, Howard L. Stanton, Fitzhugh Taylor and Anson G. Wilber, presented the following report, proposing the following amendments to the 1913 specifications for valves, indicator posts and hydrants: Specifications for Indicator Posts. These specifications are broad, covering only the more essential features of indicator post construction, and are not intended to exclude designs having further improvements. The aim is, first, to raise the standard of workmanship for indicator posts; second, to improve the present type of post by standardizing the target mechanism ; and third, to outline a new design for a rising stem indicator…

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