Issue 20 and Volume 59.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS Work has been started at Athens, O., on a new 2,000,000-gallon reservoir. Final tests are being made of the machinery at the new water works plant at Brewster, O. Sioux City, Ia., plans to spend $100,000 on water works improvements during the coming summer. F. J. O’Connor has been appointed superintendent of the Sioux Falls, S. D., Water Department. The wages of water works laborers at Cleveland. O., have been raised from 25 to 28 cents an hour. It is believed that work will shortly be started at Watervliet, N. Y., on the municipal water system. The city water works plant being installed at Kansas, Utah, will, in all probability, be completed by June 1. As soon as the material arrives work on the extension of the water system at Winnsbora Tex., will be started. A party of town officials of West Springfield, Mass., recently made…

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