Issue 20 and Volume 59.

METERAGE Part of a $15,000 warrant issue recently authorized by the city council of Brenham, Tex., is to be used for the purchase of meters. The borough council of Mt. Penn, Pa., has decided to ask that the Mt. Penn Suburban Water Company supply meters to all consumers of its water. The Olyphant Water Company has begun the work of setting approximately 1,100 meters in the residences at Olyphant, pa. Meters were set in hotels and hose houses several months ago. Meters are gradually replacing the flat rate services at Muskogee, Okla. There are at present 4,427 meters, while the number of flat rate consumers is less than 450. Practically every new house is put under the meter service. The board of water commissioners, of Temple, Tex., has voted to receive bids for supplying meters, the number needed being estimated at 1,000. These meters are to be installed for the…

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