Issue 20 and Volume 59.

LONDON, ONTARIO, WATER WORKS The gross surplus in the London, Ontario, Water Works Department in the year ending November 30, 1915, was the greatest in its history, amounting to $81,790.55. After deducting all debts, charges and capital expenditure for meters and hydrants, for which no debentures are issued, the amount credited to the city for reduction of tax rate was $14,250.14, says General Manager E. V. Buchanan, of the Water Works Department in his report for that year. Water in connection with the Camp and for bathing by the soldiers at the Young Men’s Christian Association was supplied free, the cost of labor for these installations amounting to about $500. The water consumed at the Camp during five months averaged one-quarter of a million gallons per day, the revenue from which would have amounted to $1,200 at the regular rate. Main extensions totaled 24,439 feet, being 1,224 feet of 18-inch…

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