The Water System of Taunton

Issue 20 and Volume 59.

The Water System of Taunton The source of the water supply of Taunton, Mass., is the Lakeville ponds. The water is pumped from Assawompset into Elder’s pond and conveyed to Taunton by gravity, and is distributed by direct pumping. The water works were constructed in 1876. The commissioners are Henry M. Lovering, Silas D. Presbrey, M.D., and Peter H. Corr. The clerk and superintendent is George A. King. The population by census of 1911 was 34,259. The total consumption for the year ending November 30, 1915, according to the department’s annual report, was 808,764,698 gallons, of which 454,136,408 gallons passed through meters, the percentage of consumption metered being 56. The average daily consumption was 2,215,793 gallons, being 65 gallons per day to each inhabitant or consumer, and 385 gallons per day to each tap. The builders of the pumping machinery were: At Taunton, Holly Manufacturing Company and Snow Steam Pump…

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