Church Building Damaged at St. Louis

Issue 20 and Volume 59.

Church Building Damaged at St. Louis The West Presbyterian Church at St. Louis, Mo., was badly damaged at a recent fire caused by defective electric wiring. The building was valued at $140,000 and its contents at $10,000. The loss on the building amounted to $35,000 and that on the contents to $5,000. Residents of nearby buildings stated that they had smelled burning timber for two hours before the alarm had been sounded. Upon his arrival, Chief Frank E. Henderson found that the flames had spread throughout the first floor and had burned through the roof. Chief Henderson and his men, however, succeeded in saving the major part of the church. An ample number of 4 1/2-inch, single hydrants, located about 200 feet apart, were available for use, each giving 30 pounds pressure. The system of water supply is direct and the main nearest the fire was 24 inches in diameter.…

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