Fire Loss Decrease in Milwaukee

Issue 20 and Volume 59.

Fire Loss Decrease in Milwaukee The forty-fifth annual report of the Milwaukee, Wis., fire department, and the tenth report by Chief Thomas A. Clancy as chief of the department, has been submitted by the efficient chief to the common council. It shows that during the year 1915 the department responded to 2,150 alarms of which 1,679 were actual fires. The report shows that Milwaukee has experienced large decreases in the fire loss during the past two years. The total loss in 1915 was only $487,009.90 as against $755,456.81 for 191-4 and $953,476.62 for 1913. The average loss per fire was $290. The greatest loss at any one fire occurred December 25, destroying the horse collar factory of Wallace & Smith Company with a loss of $50,357.34. The reduced number of alarms is attributed to the rigid inspection work which is constantly carried on by the members of the department under…

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