Issue 20 and Volume 59.

PHOTO ENGRAVERS’ COMBINATION. While publishers of class papers have always paid reasonable rates for photo engraving, it is not to be expected that they will submit to the exorbitant schedule issued by the recently organized Photo Engravers’ Board of Trade. This board is a combination of photo engravers, bound in thirty-four cities to force the scale of prices from 20 to 200 per cent, higher than those existing before the deal was consummated. The District Attorney of New York City realizes the importance of the matter, and has promised to bring the matter before the grand jury. The New York Trade Press Association has taken the matter up, and it considers that all publishers of class papers ought to act promptly in taking steps to have the Photo Engravers’ Board prosecuted under their state laws, and if they do not cover this case to prosecute under the Federal Anti-Trust Law.…

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