Water Rates for Irvington

Issue 22 and Volume 59.

Water Rates for Irvington The Commonwealth Water Company has agreed to amend its new rate schedule so as to reduce the rates for the consumers of Irvington, N. J. Figures compiled by Frank C. Kimball, general manager of the company, showed that the 2,897 consumers in Irvington paid on the old schedule about $14,840 a quarter. On a proposed schedule they would pay about $15,180. Leaving out the sixteen highest consumers, the quarterly income would be $13,670 under the old schedule; under the new it would be $13,350. The new schedule represented an increase to the sixteen of about $565, whereas the lump increase to all was only about $250. The amendment remedies this by giving a reduction on the proposed schedule of from fourteen cents to twelve cents for consumers using more than 5,000 cubic feet, up to 35,000, above which point there is to be a reduction from…

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