Peekskill Water Receipts

Issue 22 and Volume 59.

Peekskill Water Receipts The Board of Water Commissioners of the Village of Peekskill, N. Y., in a report of the receipts and disbursements of the Water Department during the fiscal year ending January 1, 1916, showed that there was a balance on hand on February 1, 1915, of $38,5553.30, and that the amount received during the year was $62,268.87, making a total of $100,822.17. This amount included fire protection tax, $10,260.10; schedule use of water, $2,099; meter use of water, $46,693.76. The expenditures came to $61,827.46, and the cash balance in the bank on February 1, 1916, was $38,994.71. The commissioners are Charles E. Tweedy, president; William H. H. MacKellar, secretary; William B. Baxter, treasurer, and Thomas Timmons and Oscar V. Barger.

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