Chemical Fires in New York.

Issue 23 and Volume 59.

Chemical Fires in New York. Fire Commissioner Adamson, of New York City, has undertaken a vigorous campaign against careless chemical manufacturers in New York City. The number of dangerous chemical fires recently has been unprecedented. Many chemists throughout the city are engaged in experimental work, attempting to find substitutes for three various products now prevented from entering this country owing to the European war. A considerable number of persons have turned chemists over night. The Fire Department finds chemical fires particularly difficult to handle. The usual method of extinguishing a fire is to throw water upon it, and the city’s expensive machinery for fire extinguishment is almost entirely designed for the use of water. Some of the chemical fires, however, not only cannot be extinguished with water, but are increased in intensity and danger if water is used. An expert from the Combustible Division of the Fire Prevention Bureau has…

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