Improvements at Birmingham

Issue 23 and Volume 59.

Improvements at Birmingham A letter to City Commissioner Ward from City Engineer Julian Kendrick, clearly shows that the building laws at Birmingham, Ala., tending to reduce fire hazards, are being strictly enforced. Part of the contents of this letter was as follows: “Since May 1, 1915, 5,553 building permits have been issued. They cover the rebuilding of approximately 4,250 flues and the recovering of 2,683 shingle roofs with fireproof material. Sixtyseven notices for unsafe and defective conditions of buildings have been served and complied with. We have also served notices to trap or enclose the vertical openings in twenty-six buildings within the past month. These buildings are all three stories or more in height and are in the fire district. To see that the building laws are complied with, there have been made 19,567 general inspections. The condition of buildings in the city of Birmingham as regards fire hazards are…

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