Issue 23 and Volume 59.

AMONG THE MANUFACTURERS Lent Motor Fire Engine Test. On Friday, April 19, a test was made of the new Lent Motor Fire Engine, designed by L. B. Lent and manufactured by the Alberger Pump and Condenser Company of New York City. The pump is a radical departure from the standpoint of transmission from the present day practices. The machine itself presents a very solid appearance. The body is of sheet metal construction edged by channels. There are eight hose connections altogether, four on each side and two 😮 each outlet from the pump chamber. The pump casing itself is about twenty-four inches in diameter and thirty inches long. During the test the layout used to give a pump pressure of 120 pounds, at 700 gallons discharge consisted oi two one hundred-foot lines of two and one-halfinch hose siamesed into one 50-foot line of threeinch hose. A one and three-quarter-inch nozzle…

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