Issue 23 and Volume 59.

REVIEWING DEMOTION OF BATTALION CHIEFS IN NEWARK. Testimony in proceedings to review the action of the Newark, N. J., Fire Board in demoting five battalion chiefs more than a year ago has been taken by N. W. Bindsell, acting as a Supreme Court Commissioner; the hearing being on a writ obtained by counsel for the five men. All five men affected were at the hearing. They are Battalion Chiefs Thomas S. Reilly and Charles C. Storch and Captains Michael J. Durkin, James Fagan, Jr., and Cornelius Smith. Since the five men were reduced in rank Reilly and Storch were promoted again to battalion chiefs. Captain Durkin was the chief witness at the hearing, but the others were called to the stand. Captain Durkin testined that it was the intention of the 1914 Fire Board to create two additional battalion chief districts at the time of their promotion, but the plan…

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