Issue 23 and Volume 59.

SOME FEATURES OF THE SPRINGFIELD FIRE SERVICE In a recent interview on the preparedness and the efficiency of the Springfield Fire Department Chief William H. Daggett is quoted as saying: “In my emergency I can pick any man in the department, tell him to do anything and know that he can do it. Of course, I don’t mean that every man in the department can do everything equally well. That isn’t human nature. There are natural aptitudes, of course, and we take these into account as much as possible in assigning work. But it does mean that there isn’t a man in the department who is a muddler, and that’s saying a good deal.” A feature of Chief Daggett’s department is a system of thorough standardization of the type and arrangement of the tools in the department. In the Springfield system a complete set of tools is allotted to each…

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