Urges Motorization at St. Joseph

Issue 23 and Volume 59.

Urges Motorization at St. Joseph Chief Patrick P. Kane, of St. Joseph, Mo., has recently expressed the opinion that if the department were motorized the running expenses would be materially lessened and the efficiency increased. Chief Kane recommends the purchase of nine pieces of motor apparatus. He believes that by the purchase of motor apparatus fewer stations would be needed, and in addition, the yearly cost of maintaining the motor cars would be greatly less than the upkeep cost of horses. Chief Kane said: “The day of the horse in the fire department is past. We owe much to the faithfulness of the fire horse, but his days are numbered. There is no comparison between the motorized department and the old style system. When I come up behind a horsedrawn wagon, it looks as though they were raising some dust. As I pass in my car, they look as if…

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