Issue 24 and Volume 59.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS The City Council Water Committee of Winchester, Ky,, recently inspected the water plant at Danville, Ky. J. D. Kinnett has been elected to fill the vacancy left in the Water Board, of Macon, Ga., by the death of Colonel W. A. Huff recently. It is reported that work has been started on the laying of a 48-inch conduit from Lake Worth to the filtration plant of Fort Worth, Tex. The Scranton (Pa.) Water Company has completed the planting of over 500,000 white pine trees at its watershed on a mountain near Scranton. The Common Council of Worcester, Mass., has voted to sustain Mayor George Wright’s veto of the bill allowing free water for parks and playgrounds. Within a very short time work will be started on preparing the plans for increasing and conserving the water supply of Fall River, Mass. A special loan of $250,000 has…

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