Oil Plant Damaged by Fire at Kansas City

Issue 24 and Volume 59.

Oil Plant Damaged by Fire at Kansas City Fire recently damaged the plant of the Wyandotte Oil Company, at Kansas City, Kan., destroying several oil tanks and a considerable quantity of oil, and damaging several one-story buildings. The fire started at 10:20 p. m., and resulted from a leaky oil pipe. In a very short time the tanks were blazing fiercely. Chief John McNarrey and his men worked well and succeeded in keeping the loss down to a very small figure, the total loss amounting to only $10,275. The oil tanks were valued at $123,000, while the buildings were worth approximately $30,000. The department had 24 men in service, along with two Metropolitan engines and five Thomas cars. One of the Thomas cars was a motor pumping engine, and Chief McNarrey stated that this worked excellently. Five thousand feet of cotton, double-jacket, rubber-lined hose, equipped with 1 1/8 and 1…

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