Issue 24 and Volume 59.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS The following questions were among those asked at the extension courses of the New York Fire College, with answers by fire department engineers: Question: How many gallons of water will flow through a high pressure hydrant, when fully opened, with 150 pounds pressure on the high pressure main? Answer: Theoretically, without allowing any friction losses, the following amount would flow: One 3-inch outlet squared is 9 inches. Square root of 150 pounds pressure is 12.2. 9 109.8 30 barometric pressure. 3,294. gallons flow one outlet. 4 outlets. 13,176. In the Holyoke hydrant tests, the construction of barrel and outlets most nearly as used in the high pressure hydrants, has a coefficient of discharge of .71. While there would more than likely be a larger discharge comparatively from the high pressure hydrant, owing to the outlet being 3-inch and hydrant barrel being 10-inch, with correspondingly larger main valve,…

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