Decreased Fire Losses in Massachusetts

Issue 26 and Volume 59.

Decreased Fire Losses in Massachusetts The fire losses in the State of Massachusetts during last year amounted to $9,693,872, showing a decrease of $16,500,398 from the figures for 1914, which were $26,194,270. The Salem conflagration in 1914 destroyed property figured at $13,726,533 cut beyond this the 1915 loss makes the good showing of a further decrease of $2,773,865, according to the annual report of Deputy Chief Neal, of the Massachusetts State Police to Insurance Commissioner Hardison. As given in the figures the fire loss in Boston in 1915 was $3,003,158, as against $3,044,621 for the year 1914, making a decrease of $41,462. The loss in the entire Metropolitan fire district in 1915 came to $4,799,796 while that of the previous year was $5,063,906, making a reduction of $264,110. In the district outside of Boston the loss in 1915 was $1,796,638 which is $222,646 less than in 1914. Outside the district…

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