Improvements at Corpus Christi

Issue 26 and Volume 59.

Improvements at Corpus Christi City Engineer Stevens has informed the City Council, of Corpus Christi, Tex., that he has completed plans for the proposed settling basin to be located near the Calallen plant. The basin will have a capacity for holding 1,000,000 gallons .of water and will be divided into three compartments, Mr. Stevens believing that the first settling of the water will remove at least 95 per cent, of the sediment. The city has recently expended $300,000 in water works improvements, approximately $240,000 of the amount being spent in building 20-inch cast iron mains from the city to the pumping plant a distance of sixteen miles. Due to the fact that the Nueces River is frequently at Hood stage it is necessary to settle the water before filtration and purification so the immediate construction of the basin has been made necessary so that the water may not only be…

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