Issue 26 and Volume 59.

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Conflagration in Dublin. (Illustrated) 430 The Best Motor for Fire Apparatus. By Victor W. Page. (Illustrated)434 Convention of New York State Chiefs 429 Pumping Machinery Test Duty Versus Operating Results. By J. N. Chester 432 Decreased Fire Loss in Massachusetts 429 Fire Partially Destroys Congregation Building in Chicago 431 Amercan Water Works Association 438 Fire Marshals’ Bulletins 437 Memorial Services in Boston 436 Sixteen More in Tractored New Engines York. and (Illustrated) Ladder Trucks 443 Mayor of flagration Paris Blames Wood Shingles for Con 436 The Montgomery Fire Service 436 Chief Doane Resigns 441 New York Uniformed Firemen Compete Force With Ideas to Improve 433 Protection From Forest Fires on Long Island 433 Urge Fire Boat for Savannah 433

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