Issue 2 and Volume 60.

FIRE BUSINESS SPECIALS Millville, N. J.—A $6,000 appropriation has been voted for a piece of motor apparatus for the Pioneer Fire Co. Marion, O.—Bids will be opened on July 28 for the purchase of a $13,200 bond issue, the proceeds to be used for the purchase of an aerial truck, a chief’s car and police equipment. Salem, O.—Specifications have been completed for the triple combination motor pumping engine, chemical and hose car to be purchased. Lewistown, Mont.—Citizens will vote on July 31 on a proposed $5,000 bond issue for department equipment. Wheeling, W. Va.—Chief Edward Rose plans to ask Council to appropriate $10,000 for a triple combination wagon, as recommended by underwriters. Madelia, Minn.—Plans arc being prepared for a new fire house. Salem, Mass.—Council has voted $15,000 for the erection of a fire house. Atlantic City, N. J.— Reports state that an ordinance is being considered, calling for the purchase…

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