The New Type “B” Pulmotor

Issue 2 and Volume 60.

The New Type “B” Pulmotor The new type B pulmotor which was recently placed on the market by the Draeger Oxygen Apparatus Company, of Pittsburgh, is already meeting with great favor among fire chiefs throughout the country. This machine is hand operated, and is remarkable, in that it is practically nothing more than a valve with indicators for measuring both the inhalation and exhalation pressures. The pressure-control valve is worked in the hands of the operator, who is at the patient’s head, not at the pump. By its construction the pumped air cannot “back-up” into the pump. Interposed and between the pump or oxygen cylinder and the patient’s lungs, it measures, regulates, and registers the exact pressure, both of inhalation and exhalation inserted in the lungs. The operator does not attempt to regulate the volume of air exchanged, or the rate of respiration; these are all controlled by the patient’s…

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