Visit to the American-La France Plant

Issue 2 and Volume 60.

Visit to the American-La France Plant Two weeks ago while at the New York State Fire Chief’s Convention in Elmira, N. Y., a visit was paid to the big plant of the American-La France Fire Engine Company, after which some of the members were received by Mr. J. R. Clarke, its president and general manager. Mr. Clarke does not look or act like a man loaded down with such great responsibility. He rather bears his burden in an easy manner and being a good, fluent talker his chat with the chiefs on the subject of fire apparatus was listened to attentively and the impression formed was that they enjoyed a very pleasant and instructive talk by the head of the largest fire apparatus company in the country. Mr. Clarke has an entertaining way of expressing his views, rather than a cold, matter-of-fact delivery, and he shows at once a complete…

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