Business Buildings Damaged at Dooley

Issue 2 and Volume 60.

Business Buildings Damaged at Dooley Several business buildings at Dooley, Mont., were recently damaged by fire which originated in the rear of G. B. Clarke’s general store, from a defective chimney. The department received the first alarm shortly before 10 a. m., and hastened to the scene of the fire, where they found a dining room behind the general store all ablaze. Owing to the start the fire had gained, due 1o a late alarm, and the construction of the buildings, Chief George Hanson and his men found the work difficult, but fighting with great skill, succeeded in extinguishing the fire in 3 1/2 hours’ time with a comparatively small loss. The buildings were damaged to the extent of $12,000, but the loss on their contents of general merchandise, hardware, etc., was not ascertained. The buildings were valued at $50,000, and the contents at $38,000. The general store where the…

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